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Why regular electrical building maintenance is a must

Jun 22, 2021


Don’t wait for an accident to occur, injuries to happen or assets to be lost, make sure your business has implemented a complete electrical maintenance program. A licensed electrician will ensure your building’s electrical systems are operating safely and efficiently.

Know the condition of your electrics

A thorough assessment of your building’s electrics will detect potential problems such as old wiring, damaged components or faulty switches before they can become dangerous and costly issues. A full report and recommendations are then made to give you an accurate appraisal of the condition of your building’s electrical systems. The following key areas are examined:

⦁ Fault Diagnosis
⦁ Test & Tag
⦁ Globe & Lamp Replacements
⦁ Exit & Emergency Lighting Testing
⦁ Thermal Imaging/Thermographic Scanning
⦁ Load Testing: up to 250w 4 pole & 400w 2 pole
⦁ Switchboard Maintenance and Inspections
⦁ RCD Testing
⦁ Compliance Inspections
⦁ UPS Service & Testing
⦁ Air Circuit Breaker Testing
⦁ VSD Testing & Maintenance
⦁ Generator Testing & Maintenance
⦁ Lightning Protection
⦁ Security Systems
⦁ Lighting Control
⦁ Servicing of Controls & Components

Maintenance saves you money

Prevention is always better than the costly alternative. Regular maintenance identifies electrical problems early, so your business will have adequate time to source parts or organise repairs before the issue results in downtime. Regular maintenance will save you money both in the short and long term.

From large commercial buildings, high rises and factories to offices, body corporate buildings and residential properties, you can trust the Gold Coast’s leading team at Jemstar to look after all your building’s electrical maintenance requirements. Call us on 0421 648 904 and we’d be happy to organise a maintenance quote. Safety is our focus and we’ll make sure your building adheres to all safety codes.

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