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Smoke alarms save lives

Jul 14, 2021

Smoke Alarm

Legislation requires working smoke alarms to be installed in all residential and high-rise buildings throughout Australia. Fire alarm systems will alert occupants of a fire so they have time to evacuate. Time is invaluable in high-rise fires, especially for people who are on higher floors, where it takes extra time to exit the building. Make sure that alarm systems are up to code and inspected regularly. An alarm system that is not working can lead to a loss of lives.

How often should smoke alarms be tested? 

A smoke alarm should be cleaned and tested every 12 months. That’s a legal requirement. Make sure you have a licenced electrician do it for you to ensure you’re fully compliant. 

New law introduced 1st January 2022

Did you know a new law begins on the 1st January 2022? Landlords and body corporate managers are obligated to install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties. The major difference with interconnected smoke alarms is that when one goes off, they all activate – giving occupants extra time to escape. You must also install interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms. 

10 Tips for keeping your home or apartment fire safe

  1. Don’t smoke in bed
  2. Never leave cooking food unattended
  3. Always check electric blankets for damage
  4. Keep clothes, curtains and linen away from heaters 
  5. When using a clothes dryer, make sure you clean the lint out of the filter after each use
  6. Assign one appliance to each power point, to minimise the risk of overloading the circuit
  7. Turn off all appliances when you’re not using them
  8. Always extinguish candles and any other open flames before going to bed
  9. Store matches and lighters in a secure place, away from children
  10.  Test your smoke alarms 

Need new smoke alarms? Call our friendly team at Jemstar on 0421 648 904 and we’d be happy to install or upgrade new smoke alarms in your property. 

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